Course Assessment

While our approach to assessment is rigorous, it is also supportive and is conducted in such a way that our judgments are based on a very broad base of evidence.

  • Observed and assessed teaching practice with groups of EFL students: This accounts for 36% of your final grade (particular reference is given to your last 2 lessons).
  • The Individual Student Teaching Project: This accounts for 24% of your final grade, and assessment is largely dependent on your written assignment connected to it.
  • The final test: This counts for 24% of your final grade.
  • The personal and professional portfolio: This will count for 8% of your final grade.
  • The Group Project: This element of your coursework accounts for 4% of your final grade.
  • Attendance: 4%

At the end of the course, you will be awarded a Cert. TEFL if you have satisfied us in each of the above areas of formal assessment.

Occasionally, individuals will be awarded either a Merit or a Distinction if they have demonstrated a level of achievement above that which is expected.
The centre is always prepared to issue a reference and further information if requested.