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The Teacher Trainers

All of the teacher trainers on the course have been involved in teaching and teacher training for a number of years. They are all still active teachers and therefore are fully aware of the classroom situations facing EFL teachers today.

Agnes Enyedi Methodology

Ágnes Enyedi

Ágnes Enyedi graduated as a teacher of English from the Eötvös University of Budapest (ELTE). She has worked in ELT for over 20 years as a language teacher and teacher educator. Being a full time lecturer at the Department of English Language Pedagogy at ELTE, she is involved in pre-service and in-service teacher education. She has presented widely at conferences at home and internationally and also contributed to a coursebook series. Ágnes has been a Via Lingua trainer since 2001.



Pál Szemere Grammar

Pál Szemere

A graduate of ELTE University, Budapest, Pál Szemere has been involved in ELT teacher training for 14 years. His interests are both theoretical and practical. He was a translator of the Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Language into Hungarian and has contributed to English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English dictionaries. Mr Szemere is currently a full-time lecturer of English phonology and syntax at Kodolányi College, Székesfehérvár and has been working as a Via Lingua Budapest Grammar trainer since 2001.



Szabó Éva

Éva Szabó

Since her graduation in English language and literature from Loránd Eötvös University, Budapest (ELTE), Éva Szabó has been working as a teacher of English and teacher trainer. She has been involved in pre- and in-service teacher training for the past 20 years and is now a full-time lecturer at the Department of English Language Pedagogy at ELTE. Her professional interests lie in teacher planning, ICT in language teaching and material development. She has been working as a Via Lingua trainer since 2009.



Tölgyesi Zsuzsa

Zsuzsanna Tölgyesi

A graduate of Veszprém University, Zsuzsanna Tölgyesi has been involved in teaching English as a foreign language for more than 20 years. Apart from teaching she has been a lead teacher and a mentor at Converzum. Since 2015 she has a double role as the Director of Studies and as the COO of the langauge school. She wrote a book on memory techniques for langauge learners in 2014 and has regularly held Learning Strategy trainings sice then. She has been working as a Via Lingua trainer since 2001.



Course Director

Förster Anita

Anita Förster

A graduate of the Budapest ELTE University’s Centre for English Teacher Training (CETT) and the University of Economics, College of Catering and Tourism, Anita Förster has taught in various fields of EFL. She has taught specialised English to secretaries and students of tourism at her home college and general English for various companies. For 14 years she had been working as a travel organiser and also as a further education advisor for a language travel agency. She had also been the representative of the US based Friendship Ambassadors Foundation for 5 years, and organized over 50 cultural exchange programs. She started to work for Via Lingua at Tudomany Nyelviskola in 2011. Ms Förster is currently the managing director of Via Lingua Budapest, her responsibilities including marketing, organization and administration of the courses.